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Overview Testimonials provides user-friendly web sites for scout units that reduce the effort needed to manage a scout unit and that improve the communication within the scout unit.

For each scout unit, provides a public web site and a secure private environment that streamlines meeting planning, advancement tracking, and communications between leaders, parents, and scouts. is used by thousands of people, and currently supports the following scouting programs:

 United States
  •  Boy Scouts
  •  Cub Scouts
  •  Girl Scouts - Brownies and Junior Girl Scouts only

  •  Scouts Canada - Wolf Cubs only

"This really is a great web site. It saves us parents so much time on a number of things (e.g. trying to figure what our kids needs to focus on next, reminding us when the next meeting is, reminding us that we need to catch up on stuff, finding a telephone number for a parent or scout leader, etc.). really ties a lot of things together and makes it easy for us parents to keep our heads on straight. I'd be lost without it."
- Dave P.

"Encourage other leaders to adopt it! It will make their lives easier"
- Jay H.

"This is a great way for me to see the exact status of events, awards, etc. anywhere in the world without having to contact my scout leader. This has been very helpful."
- Scott P.

- Andy P.

Benefits News 
  • For Scout Leaders
    • Simplifies the entire process of planning, communicating, and tracking scout activities
    • Promotes recruitment by providing a public web site about your unit
    • Simplifies award purchases by automatically generating "shopping lists"
  • For Parents and Scouts
    • Notifies parents automatically about upcoming meetings or award requirements that need to be completed at home
    • Allows parents to maintains records about their scouts, including award statuses and contact information
    • Provides a comprehensive list of all award requirements
    • Provides grant funding to scouts who need funding to implement a Good Turn project
  • For Scouting
    • Provides fundraising revenue for each council. 5% of's gross revenues in each council are distributed to the council headquarters
12/27/11 - Added ability to track adult awards and training

12/27/11 - Added Cub Scout Family Fun award

10/19/11 - Added ability to send text message reminders about meetings

02/11/11 - Incorporated all BSA 2011 Requirements Changes
Purchasing Information Help Wanted can be purchased by:
  • A complete scout unit (such as a Boy Scout Troop, a Cub Scout Pack, a Girl Scout Troop, etc.).
  • A portion of a scout unit (such as a Boy Scout Patrol, a Cub Scout Den, etc.)
  • An individual family
The cost for the program is only $1 per scout per year!
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